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Wooden Play Gym and Set of Toys

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Wooden Play Gym and a set of three Play Gym Toys.

Play Gym Toys are made from food-grade silicone and beech wood.

Custom silicone bead colour options are available. Wooden beads are unable to be replaced. Additional wooden beads are unavailable.

Blush Beads not currently available.

Additional Wooden Beads not currently available.

Please leave colour selections for the Play Gym Toys in the comments section at the checkout.

Wooden Play Gym is handmade and carefully Hand Painted by the Teethy Tots Team.

Height from the floor to the hanging bar is approximately 520 mm.

All Teethy Tots Play Gym Toys are independently safety tested to ensure they comply with AS/NZS 8124.1:2016 Standards.

Intended Age 0-1years.

For Safety, please check Play Gym Toys for any loosening or damage prior to each use. If damage is evident, please discontinue use and discard immediately.

To clean, wipe with warm soapy water and leave to dry. To maintain the wood and the natural antibacterial coating, rub with a small amount of coconut oil or other edible oil. Do not submerge Wooden Beads or Rings in water.Wooden Play Gym made from untreated New Zealand Pine and coated in Coconut Oil.

Please note, because the nature of the wood it is recommended to avoid contact with water.